Account-Eze Services


As part of the Account-Eze service offerings we perform all necessary financial review and analysis in order to serve the client in the most efficient and comprehensive manner possible.  We will develop any applicable work papers for tax preparation purposes, conduct budget review and analysis, and examine all bookkeeping work as it relates to tax preparation whether conducted by client staff or our own.  

Account-Eze also specializes in audit preparation and has extensive experience working through such investigations with governmental agencies as well as CPA firms.  Additionally, our staff often works as an extension of our clients’ financial capacities preparing reports to outside agencies or attending administrative and finance committee meetings to provide strategic analysis and financial recommendations.

Tax Preparation

Separate from our more generalized Accounting Services, Account-Eze also provides income tax preparation, to include all state and federal income returns for individuals, business partnerships, and corporate taxes for small-to-medium-sized corporations. Our staff is often called upon for tax planning services so our clients can routinely analyze tax liabilities in advance of important business decisions.  

Throughout the process of planning or preparing for tax filings, or during preparation or execution of an audit, clients often require Account-Eze to liaise with state and federal agencies.  Over years of such interactions, our staff has become adept at navigating this bureaucratic maze helping to expedite this potential-costly process for our clients.


Proper bookkeeping is the basis for sound and trustworthy financial analysis, so Account-Eze routinely works with clients to ensure these bedrock ledgers and financial statements are properly maintained.  Clients often request the assistance of Account-Eze in keeping up-to-date records on revenues and expenditures, payroll records, and bank reconciliation.

For clients who operate more complicated point-of-sale programs or have their own staff manage the basic bookkeeping, Account-Eze is often brought in to provide strategic oversight and ensure the accuracy of these records to help expedite future accounting, tax preparation, and possibly even audit services.  Account-Eze routinely provides on-site bookkeeping services and regularly trains client staff to perform basic bookkeeping and ledger maintenance.